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Finally! 10 kilos are down – and even after two years! Losing weight is not that hard. There are enough diets. But keeping this lost weight for years is the real challenge.

Light weight diets such as the citronity promise great weight loss in the shortest possible time. Due to the yo-yo effect, the weight is back on the hips a little later. What nobody wants.

Low fat

Instead of carbohydrates at low fat 30, attention is paid to the fat supply. Because fat-rich foods are usually real thickeners.

How Low Fat Works
This is not the calorie but the fat content. Only foods with a fat content of 30% or more are recommended. Apart from a lot of vegetables and fruit, whole grain products as well as low-fat milk products, meat and fish are on the agenda. The diet should be permanently changed.
The review by Antje Gahl, DGE:
Low fat 30 is a good method to lose weight because it is based on the recommendations of the DGE and is a good entry into a balanced diet. In addition to the fat content, attention should also be paid to the quantity. The consumption of low fat foods is not enough for everyone. You should not dispense with the fat, too. Otherwise, fat-soluble vitamins and valuable fatty acids can get short.

DASH diet

The DASH diet has been leading the list of top diets for five consecutive years – not without reason! It is mainly based on foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low fat milk and meat products. They all contain potassium, calcium, proteins and dietary fibers – crucial in the fight against hypertension. The expert round once again recommended the Allstar diet because it is nutritious, healthy and easy to carry out. So it certainly supports the weight loss. A further advantage: diabetes and heart disease could also be predicted or controlled with the DASH diet.

TLC Diet

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) – behind this is a solid nutritional plan of the American National Institutes of Health. According to the experts, the diet rich in fiber improves cholesterol levels and protects against hereditary diseases. Your success secret: No unhealthy fats! Fat-rich foods such as deep-fried, fat meat and whole milk products are taboo. These foods drive cholesterol upwards and thus also increase the risk of myocardial infarction or stroke. Disadvantage of the diet: Performing them is not quite easy. One must be very disciplined and strictly the nutritional plan

Mayo Clinic Diet

The name of the diet comes from the US non-profit organization Mayo Clinic. The healthy, easy-to-use diet is based on two parts: „Lose Pounds!“ And „Die Diät leben!“. At first, 15 personal eating habits are considered. If they do not correspond to the intended way of life, they are exchanged. Two weeks after the start of the diet starts the second part. Here the user learns how many calories he should eat according to the desired goal. And: which foods are the best. A dietary pyramid helps. The diet is nevertheless recommended by the experts less for the successful weight loss, but rather for the prevention or control of diabetes.

Mediterranean diet

One thing in advance: there is not DIE a Mediterranean diet. Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and French – they all have different eating habits. However, according to experts, the basic foods are: fruits, vegetables, whole grain, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil, herbs, spices and red wine. Fresh fish is often eaten, but poultry, eggs and dairy products are moderately, sweet and red meat. The success confirms the healthy and easy method of feeding: By avoiding sugar, red meat and saturated fatty acids, the heart and brain are protected against diseases and cancer is also prevented. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is recommended for prevention and control in diabetes. It is even considered the best herbal diet.

Weight Watchers

Due to its point system, the weight watchers diet for experts is one of the most clever and effective dietary choices. Each food has point values, which are calculated on the basis of their content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. At the beginning of the diet, users receive an individually set number of points that they can consume per day. In this given framework, however, they can eat what and how much they want. Nothing is forbidden. Advantage of the healthy diet: It is feasible and even feasible in the group. Especially when it comes to weight loss, it keeps short and long term what it promises.

Green and white tea are the best slimming tricks
Drink regularly teas, especially healthy are green and white tea, since these have a positive effect on the metabolism and hormones and thus lead to a reduction of the fat intake. People who drink a lot of tea from real dried tea leaves also have a lower body mass index (BMI). This decent trick is well tolerated for everyone

Sharp decent: Cayenne pepper

Sharpness boosts the metabolism and increases hunger. The curative, the capsaicin, contained in chili or cayenne pepper, is intended to prevent the body from feeding fat from the food in depots. A pleasant side effect of this decrease is that the chilli can develop an anti-inflammatory effect.

The classic slimming tricks: fruits and vegetables
Although it is always said that one should be careful with certain fruits, because they have a high content of carbohydrates or sugars, you should not do without. Because: It is now fact that fruits and vegetables are a healthy alternative. The little fruit is just one of the classic slimming tricks, because they make a lot of food.

Weight loss tricks with protein

Another healthy and helpful weight loss is protein – or also called protein. It is considered as the muscle pulp par excellence. At the same time, it lasts a long time and tells the annoying kilos the fight. Perfect yoghurt for breakfast, fish, meager cheese varieties, tofu, legumes and nuts.

Movement in front of the TV

After a long and exhausting work day, you would not want to run into the next gym, but you also want to spend your evening watching television. But watching TV, we have a great slimming trick for you. Make a small fitness workout during the advertising pause: A few push-ups, push-ups or whatever else you like. Already two minutes of advertising can burn 270 calories according to the onlinemagazine – that is about 13 kilos in a year, which can be so easy to get rid of.

Lose weight: Homemade is always healthier

Before you go to the cafeteria next time or take some food from the supermarket, prepare yourself a fresh and healthy lunch from your home the evening before. That way you know that there are no hidden greasers in it and also save money with these slimming tricks.

Important weight loss: Sufficient sleep

Lose in your sleep? This tip sounds like a dream. With the small difference that there is really something true about the slimming trick. So always sleep sufficiently, because sleep deficit can have a bad effect on your weight.

Eat slowly

When it comes to food, you should always allow yourself plenty of time. For as healthy as you can eat, the whole vitamins are taken incorrectly when you loop and stuff. Therefore the slimming: Eat slowly and chew every bite well. So you eat fewer calories.

Protein-containing diet!

The best workout is of no use if the body does not get the necessary energy. As a rule of thumb for muscle building, you can hold 2-3g of protein per kilo of body weight, divided into about 6 meals a day. Top 20 foods for muscle building

Cardio after strength training!

It is usually done at the beginning of the workout, but it is important to follow the strength training for the target muscle. So you have maximum energy / strength to irritate your muscles. You do not need this „maximum force“ anymore.

Less is more

The body needs recovery. Do not train the same muscle groups within 48h. Split your training when you train more than 3x weekly.

To the women: Do not be afraid of weights

Women have 20-30x less testosterone than men. Testosterone is a very crucial hormone for muscle building. For this reason, we recommend a woman’s HIT method for a firm body. The muscle must be irritated and not tickled!

Drink water and tea and avoid soft drinks

1 liter per 20 kg body weight (+ 1 liter additional per intensive training session) is very important for the body. If you are clearly below this value, get up slowly, you will get used to the crowd.

compact exercises

In the case of compact exercises, a large number of muscles are simultaneously stressed and thus an absolute MUST be achieved with the target muscle construction. This is stress for the body, and thus growth hormones are released.

Continuous weight gain

Try to increase the weights every week, even if they are 0.5 kilo. Over a year is already a ne remarkable achievement. It is important to keep the exercise clean. Let your ego out in the gym, go to the limit, advanced to the muscle failure!


Motivating music can boost the performance by up to 20%! more

Pay attention to the rest time and enough sleep
Resting phases for the muscles are very important, the muscles need time to recover. After a hard training the muscle needs at least 48h recovery. When sleeping, we recommend keeping the 1.5h sleep rhythm, e.g. 7.5h are better than 8.0h.

Train from big to small

Initially train large muscle groups. Smaller muscles often have an auxiliary function and are automatically trained. How so? When the auxiliary muscles are exhausted, the „main muscle“ can no longer completely irritate. Keep smaller muscles (e.g., biceps, triceps, calves) to the finish for training.

Periodize the training

Change the type of training regularly every 6-8 weeks. The body soon becomes accustomed to an effort and then the training success stagnates.

Inquire about the different training methods

There are many different training methods, e.g. HIT, volume training, capillary training, supercompensation, negative repetitions, etc.

Intermediate athletes can dare to so-called gigan classes by combining three exercises for the same muscle without taking a break. Maximum of 8 repetitions with maximum weight. There are different opinions, so you can find the ones that work best for you!

Post-workout supplements

It is important that you provide your body with the necessary energy quickly after the enormous physical exertion. The bodybuilder also describes the time after the workout as a „window of opportunity“ (or anabolic window) because the nutrients have the greatest possible effect on muscle building.
Our tips: Whey (isolate) protein shake, BCAA, glutamine, creatine and maltodextrin


Keep your results periodic, e.g. Weekly, with pictures. Experience shows that the scale is definitely not the best way to keep track of progress. Alternatively or in addition, you can also use a measuring tape or a tongs.

training partner

With the right training partner, you can reach a limit and achieve faster progress. However, be careful: the opposite can also happen with an unmotivated training partner. In such a case, it is better to train again alone! Further advantages and disadvantages of trainers

Learn from experienced athletes

Especially as a beginner, it is sensible to train with an experienced sportsman to check whether one is doing the „right“ exercises for his goal and is really correct!

Warm up and cooldown do not forget

Bend injuries before and heat up before the force training for about 5 minutes loosely. The body must be brought to operating temperature and then brought down again.


The effect of stretching is often underestimated even among experienced fitness workers. Test the effect, stretch the muscle groups you train each 5 minutes before and after the workout. Often a positive effect is observed in the recovery and performance.

Joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments can stiffen and restrict freedom of movement. A lack of flexibility under the exertion of a weight can rapidly expand the muscle too far and cause the tendons and ligaments to become strained and sprained. Therefore, a short stretching before it can also lead to a positive effect.

Observe calorie intake

For muscle growth the body needs a slight calorie excess of about 500 calories.

Healthy fatty acids

Not all fats are bad! The rule of thumb here is about 0.3 g fat per kg body weight. Make sure you are mainly using polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Examples: rapeseed, walnut and linseed oil. Also included are fat fish, nuts and avocados.

Milk protein (casein) in the evening

The so-called night protein has the positive property that it is only slowly absorbed by the body and thus provides the body with a long protein store. Casein proteins (e.g., lean milk, cottage cheese) can provide the body with valuable amino acids for up to 8 hours. more

Pay attention to your basic household
Only a healthy and active body builds muscles.

Find the right training time

It is possible that you can not do 100% more performance in the evening (after work / school). Take advantage of the opportunity if you can train before work / school or over lunch. As a rule, you eat more consciously in the post-training period.


Go to the sports / fitness center!

Sign up at the gym, if you have not done so, there is motivation and like-minded! The home is for most a retreat / resort with ample diversion. This makes it difficult for you to torment yourself!

Even cook instead of ready-made food / fast food buy and eat
No time to cook yourself? Set priorities. McDonalds and other prepared foods are definitely not an alternative food for a healthy and fit body. Concentrate on the essentials and leave away superfluous such as Trash TV shows. Where a will, is also a way!

Abs are made in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, no fairy tale, your six pack is only visible with a good diet. Otherwise, the belly muscles prefer to make themselves behind the fat reserves cozy! – Abdominal tips

Get to know your body (type)

Not everyone has the same prerequisites, problem zones etc. Gain own experience and test different training approaches. Perhaps the determination of the proper body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) also helps you. – Determine body type

Mental preparation

No matter whether before training or before a certain exercise. With your will, your attitude, you can move mountains. If your head is ready for training, even a children’s playground can become the best gym in the world!

No alcohol

Alcohol must be avoided during the build-up phases. Of course, it is the amount here, depending on the goal, one should reduce the alcohol to a minimum! Link Tip: Alcohol brakes the muscle build-up

Exercise the whole body!

Often negligible negligible beginners (for example, leg, buttocks, lower back muscles). This can lead to physical problems, lack of torso stability and, at some point, stop progress.

Self-discipline, motivation, perseverance

Set several small realistic intermediate targets and do not let any trainings fail. This also includes being partially selfish and defending his scheduled training times! And the most important thing: motivate you daily on the Fitnessmagnet Fanpage!